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Featured on Psychology Today’s website.

Effective counseling allows you to have more fulfillment within yourself and in relationships, work, and day-to-day living. Although it can be challenging to reach for help, my practice provides a respectful, supportive and nurturing environment.  In it we can create strategies for moving forward in any aspect of your life.  We can work through stressful, frustrating, painful, and confusing experiences, support their unraveling and promote well-being and freedom. Or, we can foster growth, add clarity, and bring new perspective in areas in which you are already functioning well. I want to help you reach your personal goals.

 As a seasoned psychologist with more than 30 years of a successful Center City practice, I am delighted that my passion for the work only increases over time. I feel privileged to receive my clients’ trust. The longevity of my practice has allowed many successful clients to return during times of transition and/or life crisis.

A psychodynamic orientation forms the baseline of my theoretical framework. But three decades of additional training support an integrative approach and flexible style. Also included within my studies are 23 years of spiritual practices.

As a clinician I take seriously the responsibility to continually evolve in my own development. In addition to my studies and personal process, I have founded two clinician peer groups, each of which have continued for twenty years. As well, I am a supporter and Sister of The Women’s Therapy Center.

I look forward to meeting you and offering my honed resources in assistance to your situation.

Please feel free to call for an appointment. 215. 732. 5187